Modern Middle Ages

Last night, like most nights, I awoke around three am, and was thinking of present world problems.  This thinking started by the news on the TV, that they are thinking to do away with the postal services, more or less. This deterioration took me to the phrase of “modern Middle Ages”‘ because, like it or not, that is where we are heading.

The rich are very  very rich, the poor are unbelievably poor, the middle class is shrinking, although it suppose to be, and it is, the backbone of society, at least, it is the one who pays for almost everything. Everything that makes money, is in the hand of the ruling class, who does not care at all of the poor, and the working class, if there was not enough profit, kick off a few thousand workers without any feelings, or thinking about them, they do not matter. The rich have very good bodyguards, incidentally, paid by the nobodies, just think about the G20, and give them free hand in the punishment. The Medicare, schooling, pensions are shrinking, life becomes for the thousands and thousands a day to day straggle. I did not say that we are in the Middle Ages, but that we are slowly, but definitely getting there. It is not the same country I saw and liked 56 years ago. I would understand, if there  would be a reason for all the changes, but, apart from the unbelievable greed of certain people, it should not be getting so bad so fast. It is a “profit is everything” society. I just find it so sad that a beautiful country, like Canada, is not able to avoid the strands of this modern trends. I have never received so many letters asking for money to help the poor, as in this year. But, the profits are good, though not quite enough. Well, Merry Christmas.

Looking at new events in an old way